Gear Boxes

PCI has a range of valve Gear Boxes in different mounting configurations and torque ratings. These are all IP67 rated with stainless steel shafts so can be used in outdoor applications. These are available in Geelong with same day despatch in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs. Please contact us for any valve gear box applications or questions.

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  • What are valve gearboxes?

    Valve gearboxes, also known as manual valve actuators, are devices specifically designed for manual actuation of valves. Unlike automated systems, these gearboxes are used to manually control the opening and closing of valves in various industrial settings.

  • How does a valve gearbox work?

    A valve gearbox facilitates the manual operation of a valve by providing the mechanical advantage needed to open or close it. Unlike automated actuators, these gearboxes do not translate control signals from electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic systems. Instead, they are operated manually to adjust the valve's position.

  • What do you use a valve gearbox for?

    Valve gearboxes from PCI Pro are primarily used for manual actuation of valves in various industrial applications. They are not designed for automated control or for use with exhaust valves. Here are some common applications:

    Manual Flow Control: These gearboxes are used to manually regulate the flow of liquids or gases through industrial pipelines.

    Isolation and Shut-off: Manually operated valves can be used to isolate sections of a pipeline or to shut off the flow entirely. Valve gearboxes make this process more efficient.

    Manual Pressure Control: In systems where manual control is preferred or required, these gearboxes can be used to adjust pressure control valves.

  • How Much Do Valve Gearboxes Cost?

    You can purchase a Valve Gearbox from PCI Pro starting at $110.