Air silencers are commonly used in the exhaust ports of valves, actuators and other industrial applications where an air discharge may occur. They are not only used for noise reduction but also to protect the equipment by filtering the air through the sintered material. This will help to filter out foreign objects such as dirt and dust. These air silencers are also available with an air restrictor which allows the user to control the discharge rate of the air (exhaust regulator). Available in both brass and stainless steel with same day despatch from Geelong and same day delivery into Melbourne.

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  • What is the primary function of Air Silencers in industrial applications?

    The primary function of air silencers in industrial applications is to reduce or eliminate the noise generated by high-velocity air or gas flows. They are designed to attenuate the sound created by pneumatic equipment, such as air compressors, valves, and air-powered tools, without significantly affecting airflow or pressure. Air silencers work by utilising internal baffles, expansion chambers, or other sound-absorbing materials to dampen the turbulent airflow, converting kinetic energy into heat and reducing noise. By minimising noise pollution, an air silencer helps maintain a quieter and more comfortable working environment for operators and adheres to safety regulations concerning noise exposure in industrial settings.

  • How do Air Silencers contribute to equipment protection?

    Air silencers contribute to equipment protection by serving as a buffer against potentially damaging pressure spikes and turbulence in pneumatic systems. They reduce the rapid fluctuations in air pressure that can occur when valves or air tools are operated, which can lead to wear and tear on equipment. By dampening these pressure surges, air silencers prevent stress on components, extending the lifespan of pneumatic machinery and reducing maintenance and repair costs. Additionally, they help maintain stable operating conditions, preventing abrupt changes that could damage sensitive instruments or disrupt industrial processes.

  • What materials are Air Silencers available in, and how do they differ?

    Air silencers are typically available in materials such as brass and stainless steel. Brass silencers are cost-effective and offer good corrosion resistance. Meanwhile, stainless steel silencers are highly durable, with superior corrosion resistance, making them suitable for harsh environments and applications where cleanliness is essential.

  • How can I control the air discharge rate with an Air Silencer?

    You can control the air discharge rate with an air silencer by adjusting the size and design of the silencer's orifices and baffles. A larger orifice or fewer baffles allows for higher airflow and a faster discharge rate, while a smaller orifice or more baffles restrict airflow, reducing the discharge rate. By modifying these internal components, you can fine-tune the silencer to meet specific airflow requirements and noise reduction goals. Additionally, regulating the input pressure to the silencer can further control the air discharge rate.

  • Is same-day shipping available for air silencers?

    Yes, same-day shipping is available for air silencers within Geelong. For the rest of the country, we offer fast shipping to ensure prompt delivery of your order.