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PCI has a range of boiler supply products including boiler gauge mounts, boiler gauge borosilicate round glass, reflex glass, transparent glass as well as consumables such as EPDM rubber cones and stainless steel spindles for AB12 gauge mounts. Fiberglass woven web tape is also available in ladder and standard formats. These boiler parts and consumables are available in Geelong with overnight express shipping available.

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  • Introduction to Boiler Supply Parts

    Boiler supply parts are essential components ensuring a boiler's efficient operation. Valves  play a vital role in ensuring your heating system works reliably and safely.
    You can find all your essential boiler supply parts here at PCI.
  • Types of Boiler Supply Parts

    Browse our range of boiler supply parts, including transparent glass gauges, with gaskets; flanged bronze water gauge mount sets; sealing and cushion gaskets and more.
    We only stock the best quality supply parts, so you can rely on the quality and reliability.  
  • How Do Boiler Supply Parts Work?

    Flanged Bronze Water Gauge Mount sets provide secure attachment for water gauges on boilers. Their flanged design ensures a tight seal, preventing leaks, and ensuring accurate water level readings.
    An EPDM cone for gauge glass acts as a protective seal, enhancing the gauge's durability and preventing leaks. It ensures a tight fit, maintaining accurate water level readings in boilers.
    Sealing gaskets for reflex and transparent gauge glass create a secure, leak-proof seal. Positioned between glass and fittings, they prevent fluid leakage, enabling accurate liquid level monitoring in various applications.
    For all parts and supplies sold by PCI Pro, please check with our product warranty and warning page.
  • Importance of Quality Boiler Gauge Mounts

    Quality boiler gauge mounts are essential for accurate water level readings. Reliable mounts ensure proper gauge placement, preventing leaks and inaccuracies. They enhance the safety, efficiency, and longevity of boilers, safeguarding operations.