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Air service equipment allows users to regulate, filter and lubricate compressed air systems to ensure equipment is properly protected and allows lower maintenance intervals. This can be as simple as controlling the downstream air pressure by using a regulator or by removing condensate from your air lines/compressor by filtering it to give you drier air. PCI has a fully stocked range of air regulators, filter regulators, filters, FRL's and other devices based in Geelong with same day despatch in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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  • What Types of Air Service Equipment Does Plant and Control Instriments Offer?

    PCI offers a wide range of air service equipment. Air lubricators, airline regulators and filters, high-pressure airline filters, and more.

  • How Do Air Regulators and Filter Regulators Differ?

    Air regulators and filter regulators serve distinct roles in pneumatic systems. 
    An air regulator controls air pressure, ensuring it remains constant, vital for precise control in various applications. 
    On the other hand, a filter regulator not only maintains consistent pressure but also filters out contaminants like dust and moisture, enhancing air quality. 
    While both regulate pressure, filter regulators additionally ensure clean, dry air, making them essential for equipment longevity and performance in compressed air systems.

  •  Is Same-Day Despatch Available for Air Regulator Products?

    PCI has a fully stocked range of air regulators, filter regulators, filters, FRLs and other devices based in Geelong. Same-day despatch is available for Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

  • How Do Air Filter Regulators Contribute to Lower Maintenance Intervals?

    Air filter regulators significantly extend maintenance intervals by ensuring clean, dry air in pneumatic systems. By filtering out contaminants like dust and moisture, they prevent damage to valves, cylinders, and other components, reducing wear and tear. This cleaner air enhances equipment lifespan, minimising breakdowns and repairs. 

    Additionally, consistent pressure regulation optimises system performance, reducing strain on components. With reduced wear, fewer breakdowns, and improved efficiency, filter regulators lead to lower maintenance needs, resulting in cost savings and increased productivity.