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Mounting brackets and drive sleeves & adaptors are quite often needed to interface between a valve and actuator or gear box. This is more commonly the case where you have an existing valve and need to mount a new actuator or vice versa. These brackets and drives will help the user match up interfaces and drives to allow mounting of the valve or actuator. These valve brackets & drives are based in Geelong with same day despatch into Melbourne & surrounding areas. If you need help with matching up your existing application please contact us.

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  • What is the purpose of a valve actuator mounting bracket?

    A valve actuator mounting bracket securely holds valve actuators, which control the flow of liquids or gasses onto pipelines or other industrial equipment. The bracket provides stability, preventing movement that could misalign the valve actuator or cause damage to equipment. Proper mounting ensures accurate valve operation, enhancing efficiency and safety in various industries like oil and gas, water treatment, and manufacturing. It also simplifies maintenance tasks, allowing swift access to actuators for inspection or repairs and optimising overall system performance.

  • How can valve mounting brackets assist in interfacing between a valve and an actuator?

    Valve mounting brackets play a pivotal role in interfacing valves and actuators. These brackets are designed with precision, aligning the actuator perfectly with the valve stem. By securely attaching the actuator to the valve, they ensure a seamless mechanical connection, allowing the actuator to accurately control the valve's movement. This precise alignment guarantees efficient and reliable operation of valves in various industrial applications. They also simplify installation, reduce equipment wear and tear, and increase valves and actuators' longevity.

  • What types of actuator mounting brackets are available?

    There are five categories of mounting brackets available on the PCI Pro website, in sizes from F03 through to F16. With all the actuator mounting brackets we sell, check the warranty details.

  • Can I get assistance selecting the right mounting bracket for my existing valve or actuator setup?

    Our professional staff can assist you with all your needs here at PCI Pro, including the right-sized bracket. If you need help installing the bracket, we can find a professional who’s right for you.

  • Can I expect same-day despatch for valve and actuator mounting brackets in Melbourne and surrounding areas?

    Yes, you can. We have same-day despatch from our warehouse, which usually means same-day delivery if you’re in Melbourne or the surrounding suburbs. We have super fast Australia-wide delivery as well.