Pressure Relief Valves

PCI has a range of Bronze and Stainless Steel Pressure Reducing Valves for a wide range of different Industrial Applications. Some Pressure Reducing Valves will need to be individually picked according to the application so not all PRV's are shown on our site. Pressure Reducing Valves are triggered when the pressure of the media rises above a preset limit. This will then open the valve and let the media escape. These Pressure Reducing Valves are available in Geelong with same day express shipping available.

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  • How does a pressure relief valve work?

    A Pressure Relief Valve is a safety device designed to protect pressurised systems from becoming over-pressurised and suffering catastrophic damage. It automatically releases gas, steam or liquid from a system when the pressure exceeds a predetermined maximum safe level. Once the pressure in the system returns to a normal range, the valve closes.
    They are important components in industries such as the oil and gas industry, chemical manufacturing and water treatment.
  • Does a pressure relief valve reduce flow rate?

    No, the primary function of a pressure relief valve is not to reduce the flow rate. They come into effect when the flow rate, hence pressure, hits a dangerous level, and then relieves the pressure quickly. They do not control or regulate the flow within a system. It is a safety measure, not a control measure. Having said that, the use and execution of a pressure relief valve will impact the flow rate in a system, naturally.
  • Do PCI’s stainless steel pressure relief valves come in different sizes?

    Yes, PCI’s stainless steel pressure relief valves are available in various sizes, catering to different systems and ensuring versatility for diverse industrial applications. These relief valves come in a range of dimensions to accommodate diverse pressure and flow requirements. Common sizes include those suitable for small-scale applications, such as 1/2 inch or 1 inch, up to larger sizes like 2 inches, 3 inches, or more, depending on the system's specifications. The variety in size ensures that stainless steel pressure relief valves can be effectively integrated into various systems, providing reliable overpressure protection while maintaining compatibility with different pipe sizes and fluid flow rates. With all stainless steel pressure relief valves we sell, check the warranty details.
  • What is the difference between a bronze and stainless steel pressure relief valve?

    The primary difference between a bronze and stainless steel pressure relief valve lies in its material properties. Bronze pressure relief valves are made from an alloy of copper and tin, offering good corrosion resistance, especially in marine environments. Stainless steel pressure relief valves, on the other hand, are constructed from steel alloyed with chromium and nickel, providing superior corrosion resistance, strength, and durability. Stainless steel valves are suitable for harsher environments and applications involving corrosive fluids. The choice between bronze and stainless steel depends on factors like the specific application, fluid characteristics, and the level of corrosion resistance required.
  • Can I expect same day despatch for pressure relief valves in Melbourne and surrounding areas?

    PCI offers efficient despatch services, including same-day despatch for pressure relief valves in Melbourne and nearby areas. This service ensures rapid delivery, minimising downtime for critical industrial operations and providing prompt customer support. We also offer fast shipping for orders Australia-wide to help reduce stoppages, with same-day despatch available where possible.