Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Water & Wastewater

Valves & Instrumentation for the Water Industry

PCI supplies a large range of Valves & Instrumentation to the water industry. This includes many water authority boards around Australia and abroad. Many products including our Butterfly Valves, Solenoid Valves & Ball Valves carry Watermark & Standards Mark certifications so are approved to be used on potable water applications. We also supply many valves to waste water treatment plants around the country.


Pressure Gauges

PCI has a large range of Pressure Gauges that are used by the water industry. Most commonly these are a full Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge in either 63mm, 100mm or 150mm dial. Both bottom and rear entry options are available.

Stainless Steel Push Fit Fittings

PCI has a complete range of Stainless Steel Push Fit Fittings that are used widely in waste water treatment plants. This is due to the corrosive gasses released by the waste water that attacks traditional plastic push fit fittings. Our Push Fits are made of 316 Stainless Steel so are not susceptible to the same level of corrosion that affects others.

Butterfly Valves

PCI has a range of both Wafer and Lugged Watermark and Standards Mark approved Butterfly Valves. These are ideally suited to use on both potable and waste water applications. All Butterfly Valves come with an ISO standard pad mount so they can easily be actuated. This can either be by a gear box or a pneumatic or electric actuator.

Ball Valves

PCI has a range of Stainless Steel Watermark Approved Ball Valves ideally suited for use on potable water applications. This includes both flanged and threaded variations. These Ball Valves can be either in a manual configuration (lockable lever or gear box) or actuated (either pneumatic or electric).

Solenoid Valves

PCI has a range of both watermarked and non watermarked Solenoid Valves for use on water and waste water. Most commonly on potable water its 316 Stainless Steel Water Mark approved Solenoid Valve is used. The choice is up to the user and depending upon the application may use another material or series.

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