Valve positioners are used to give you an analogue or digital feedback as to where your valve is during its open or close cycle. This is usually in the form of a 4-20mA input and output signal. These valve positioners will be mounted on top of your pneumatic actuator that will modulate its cycle between its open and close position. These valve positioners can be despatched the same day from Geelong and into Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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  • What are actuator positioners?

    Actuator positioners are devices used in industrial automation to control the positioning and movement of actuators, which are mechanical devices responsible for converting electrical signals into physical motion. These positioners receive control signals from process controllers or control systems and adjust the actuator's position accordingly. By accurately positioning the actuator, they enable precise control of valves, dampers, or other mechanical components in various industrial processes.

  • How does an actuator positioner work?

    Actuator positioners typically use feedback mechanisms, such as potentiometers or position sensors, to continuously monitor the actuator's position and compare it to the desired setpoint. They then make real-time adjustments to ensure the actuator reaches and maintains the correct position. Actuator positioners are essential for achieving precise and repeatable control, enhancing efficiency, and improving the overall performance of automated systems in industries such as manufacturing, chemical processing, and power generation.

  • What do you use an actuator positioner for?

    Actuator positioners are widely used in industries like manufacturing, petrochemical, oil and gas, water treatment, and power generation, where precise and reliable control of mechanical components is vital for efficient and safe operations.

  • How much do actuator positioners cost?

    If you’re looking to buy an actuator positioner, Plant and Control Instrumentation Pro have them from $1,155.