Valves & Instrumentation for Dairies

PCI supplies a wide range of valves and instrumentation to the dairy industry in Australia and abroad. This includes Instrumentation such as Pressure Gauges with Diaphragm Seals, Temperature Seals and process valves such as Solenoid Valves, Angle Seat Valves, Ball Valves, Check Valves and much more. Most have Stainless Steel bodies due to the presence of Caustic Washdown in most areas.


Pressure Gauges

PCI supplies a range of full Stainless Steel and Safety Pressure Gauges to the Dairy Industry. These are available in 40mm, 63mm, 100mm, 115mm & 150mm sizes in both bottom and rear entry configurations. These are quite often assembled with our triclover Diaphragm Seals to isolate the pressure gauge from the media which is quite often needed in a food grade environment.

Stainless Steel Push Fit Fittings

PCI supplies its 316 Stainless Steel Push Fit range to the dairy industry as it is preferred in this application over plastic. This is due to the presence of a caustic washdown in sanitary environments or even corrosive gasses that may be present in the air. These come with a FKM seal and typically take twice the pressure of a normal push fit fitting. They also have an FDA approval making them ideal for food grade environments.

Ball Valves

PCI supplies a range of Stainless Steel Ball Valves for use in the Dairy Industry. These include both Flanged and Threaded variants in sizes up to 200mm. Each Ball Valves has a choice of actuation options including double acting pneumatic, spring return pneumatic , electric, gear box or lockable lever. These actuators can also be stainless steel to give a full stainless steel combined unit. This is especially useful in areas where there is a caustic washdown which is common in Dairies.

Solenoid Valves

A wide range of Solenoid Valves are used in the Dairy industry depending upon the process requirement. PCI most commonly supplies its Stainless Steel and Brass differential Solenoid Valves into these applications. Stainless Steel is preferred where there is any chance of a caustic washdown. EPDM is also a good elastomer of choice as the water temperature is quite often elevated.

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