PCI has a full range of ancillary pneumatic components to help operate an industrial pneumatic system. This includes Nylon tubing in both metric and imperial sizes, shuttle valves, speed controllers, pneumatic check valves, quick exhaust valves and much more. A fully stocked range based in Geelong allows same day despatch into Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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  • What Function Do Ancillary Pneumatic Components Have in a Pneumatic System?

    Ancillary pneumatic components play crucial roles in industrial pneumatic systems by supporting and enhancing their functionality. These components, which include filters, regulators, valves, and lubricators, ensure the system runs efficiently. Filters remove contaminants, regulators control air pressure, and lubricators ensure smooth operation by adding controlled amounts of lubrication to the air stream. Their proper function is essential for maintaining system integrity and performance.

  • What Pneumatic Components Does PCI Offer?

    PCI offers a wide range of pneumatic components necessary for various industrial applications. Some of these include:
    High-quality valves: Pneumatic valves control the direction, flow, and pressure of the air. Types include directional control valves, proportional valves, and pressure control valves.
    Cylinders: Pneumatic cylinders convert compressed air energy into linear or rotary mechanical motion, performing tasks like lifting, pushing, or pulling.
    Tubing and fittings: these components connect various parts of the pneumatic system, facilitating the transmission of compressed air.

    Understanding and integrating these components appropriately is essential for designing efficient and reliable pneumatic systems across industries such as manufacturing, robotics, and stormwater management. Our product lineup is designed to meet the diverse needs of industrial pneumatic systems. With all the pneumatic components we sell, check the warranty details.

  • Are PCI's Nylon Tubings Available in Different Sizes?

    Yes, PCI’s nylon tubing is available in various sizes, catering to different requirements in pneumatic systems. Commonly used in pneumatic and hydraulic systems, nylon tubing comes in diameters ranging from small sizes like 4mm or 6mm for precision applications to larger diameters like 12mm or more for higher flow rates. The availability of various sizes allows users to select the appropriate tubing dimensions based on factors such as the desired flow rate, pressure requirements, and the specific needs of the pneumatic or hydraulic system in use. 

  • How Does a Shuttle Valve Work?

    A shuttle valve, a key component in pneumatic systems, allows fluid flow from two different sources to a single output while preventing backflow between the sources. It consists of a valve body with three ports and a movable shuttle inside. When fluid pressure is applied to one of the inlet ports, the shuttle moves to seal that inlet and opens the other, allowing fluid to flow from the second source to the standard outlet. If pressure is applied to the second inlet, the shuttle shifts, closing the second inlet and opening the first. It’s essential for applications where alternate sources of pressure are needed. Understanding how a shuttle valve works is vital for efficient operation in industrial pneumatic systems. 

  • Can I Expect Same Day Despatch for Ancillary Pneumatic Components in the Melbourne and Surrounding Areas?

    PCI offers same-day despatch for ancillary pneumatic components in Melbourne and surrounding areas. This service ensures rapid delivery, minimising downtime for industrial pneumatic systems and providing prompt customer support. We also offer fast shipping for orders Australia-wide to help reduce stoppages, with same-day despatch available where possible.