Plastic push fit fittings are commonly used in a wide range of industrial applications, basically anywhere air line is present. These can be threaded into ports of valves or other air service equipment and easily connect and disconnect tubing. Most commonly they are used with polyurethane or nylon air tubing. The threads are nickel plated brass with a plastic body and collet. NBR seals are used for the sealing oring allowing it to withstand a wide range of media and different environments. PCI holds all of these plastic push fit fittings in stock with same day delivery or collection in Geelong or Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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  • What are the benefits of using plastic push fit fittings?

    Plastic push fit fittings offer several benefits. They are incredibly easy to install, requiring no specialised tools or skills. Their versatility allows for use in various applications, from plumbing to heating systems. Plastic push fit fittings are lightweight, making handling and transportation convenient. They are corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability over time. Additionally, they allow for easy disconnection and reusability, promoting flexibility in system modifications. With their leak-free seals and user-friendly design, plastic push fit fittings provide a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient solution for connecting pipes in different settings.

  • In what applications are plastic push fit fittings most suitable?

    Plastic push fit fittings are widely employed in residential and commercial plumbing systems, connecting pipes for water supply and drainage. In heating systems, they connect pipes for radiators, underfloor heating, and boilers. These fittings are also popular in the automotive industry, especially for fluid and airlines. Additionally, they are used in pneumatic systems, water filtration units, and even in marine applications for their corrosion resistance. Their adaptability and leak-free performance make them suitable for a broad spectrum of applications across various industries.

  • How do plastic push fit fittings ensure a secure connection?

    Plastic push fit fittings ensure a secure connection through their ingenious design. They feature internal gripping teeth that hold the inserted pipe, preventing any slippage. Simultaneously, an o-ring provides a tight, leak-proof seal around the pipe, ensuring water-tightness. The combination of these features creates a reliable and secure connection without the need for complex tools, making them popular in various plumbing, heating, and liquid applications.

  • Are plastic push fit fittings easy to install and remove?

    Yes, plastic push fit fittings are remarkably easy to install and remove. Their user-friendly design allows pipes to be inserted quickly and securely, creating a reliable connection. When removal is necessary, a simple push on the release collar disengages the teeth, enabling effortless disconnection without damaging the pipe. This ease of installation and removal makes them highly convenient for various applications.

  • What range of sizes is available in the plastic push fit fittings collection?

    PCI Pro has a range of plastic push fit fittings to suit many different applications. They come in sizes starting at 4mm diameter, up to 16 mm diameter. You can select the type, and size, from our website here.