Pneumatic Actuators

PCI has a range of rack and pinion 90 degree turn pneumatic actuators for quarter turn valves such as ball and butterfly valves. These include both spring return and double acting pneumatic actuators in anodised aluminium or stainless steel. Pneumatic actuators can be used on new or existing valves so please contact us if you need any help sizing an actuator for your valve. Being based in Geelong we can despatch it the same day into Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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  • What are pneumatic actuators?

    Pneumatic actuators are devices that use compressed air or gases to generate mechanical motion. They convert the potential energy of compressed air into kinetic energy, enabling controlled movement or positioning of components. Pneumatic actuators are commonly used in industrial automation due to their simplicity, reliability, and fast response times. They are suitable for applications where high forces and quick actuation are required. In addition to these actuators, other components include brackets and drives, gearboxeslimit switch boxes, and positioners. They complement pneumatic actuators, providing support, power transmission, control, and precise positioning for efficient operation in various industrial and commercial systems.

  • How does a pneumatic actuator work?

    A pneumatic actuator operates by utilising compressed air or gases to generate mechanical motion. It consists of a cylinder and a piston that moves inside the cylinder. When compressed air is introduced into the actuator, it enters the cylinder and applies pressure against the piston, causing it to move. The movement of the piston is transferred to a pneumatic actuator valve or other mechanical components connected to the actuator. By regulating the exhaust air the speed of the actuator can be controlled, making them suitable for a wide range of industrial applications requiring quick and reliable motion control. 

  • What do you use pneumatic actuators for?

    Actuators that are pneumatic are commonly employed in processes requiring rapid and precise linear or rotary motion. Pneumatic actuators are utilised in manufacturing plants for tasks such as opening and closing valves, controlling fluid flow, and actuating gates or dampers. They are also found in robotic systems, assembly lines, and material handling equipment. Pneumatic actuators are favoured for their fast response times, high force capabilities, and suitability for harsh environments. Their robustness and cost-effectiveness make them an ideal choice for industries ranging from automotive and aerospace to pharmaceuticals and food processing.

  • How much do pneumatic actuators cost?

    Pneumatic actuators are highly regarded as one of the most cost-effective options available in the actuator market. Their affordability, combined with reliable performance, makes them a popular choice for various industries. At PCI, we offer pneumatic actuators at competitive prices, starting from under $150. These budget-friendly options provide efficient and dependable operation without compromising quality. Even the most premium pneumatic actuator models from PCI remain affordable, with prices under $600. This pricing range allows customers to find suitable pneumatic actuators that fit their budgetary constraints while still ensuring reliable motion control solutions for their applications.