Packing is used to repack glands for both valves and pumps, or any application that uses a gland seal. We have both PTFE and graphite available which will cover most media and temperature applications. These range in thicknesses from 4mm to 22mm and in either 1m or 8m lengths. These are quite often needed in a hurry during breakdown situations so we can express ship them to you or you can collect from our Geelong warehouse.

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  • What types of sealing packing does plant and control instruments pro offer?

    Plant and Control Instruments offer two types of gland packing - PTFE Gland Packing and Graphite Gland Packing.
  •  How do I choose between PTFE and graphite sealing packing?

    Choosing between PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) and graphite sealing packing depends on the application. 
    PTFE packing is ideal for chemical and high-temperature environments due to its excellent chemical resistance and temperature stability. 
    Graphite packing is best for high-temperature applications and offers superior thermal conductivity and lubrication. 
    Consider the operating conditions, fluid compatibility, and temperature range. PTFE excels in corrosive chemicals, while graphite performs well in extreme heat. Always consult specific guidelines or Plant and Control Instrument experts for precise recommendations based on your requirements.
  • What thickness options are available for sealing packing?

    PTFE Gland Packing can be purchased in thickness options ranging from 3mm to 22mm.
    Graphite Gland Packing can be purchased from 4mm up to 22mm in thickness.
  • Can I get express shipping for sealing packing orders?

    Due to the often immediate need for sealing packing, we can express ship them to you.