Pressure Gauges

PCI has a full range of pressure gauges for a wide range of industrial uses based in Geelong. These include capsule pressure gauges, homogeniser pressure gauges, full safety pattern pressure gauges, phonelic pressure gauges and many more. From 40mm up to 150mm pressure gauges are in stock, more sizes are available per specific order. Different materials are available including stainless steel, brass, monel and black steel pressure gauges. All options can be liquid filled or dry gauges.

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  • What are Pressure Gauges?

    Pressure gauges are instruments used to measure and display the pressure of a fluid or gas in a system. They provide vital information for monitoring and controlling processes in various industries. Pressure gauges typically consist of a dial with a needle indicating the pressure value. They are essential for ensuring safety, optimising efficiency, and maintaining proper functioning of equipment. Meanwhile, temperature gauges, diaphragm seals, and orifice plates are components that can be used in conjunction with pressure gauges to enhance their functionality. Temperature gauges help monitor the temperature of the system, while diaphragm seals and orifice plates can be utilised to protect the pressure gauge or modify the fluid flow characteristics, respectively.

  • How Does a Pressure Gauges Work?

    Pressure gauges work based on the principle of elastic deformation. They typically consist of a pressure-sensitive element, commonly a bourdon tube or diaphragm, and a mechanism for displaying the measured pressure. When pressure is applied to the sensitive element, it undergoes elastic deformation, causing it to bend or expand. This deformation is then transferred to a mechanical linkage or movement mechanism that converts it into linear or rotary motion. The resulting motion is displayed on a dial or digital readout, providing a visual representation of the measured pressure. Pressure gauges may also incorporate additional components, such as springs or levers, to amplify or calibrate the displayed pressure.

  • What Do You Use Pressure Gauges For?

    Pressure gauges are widely used in various industries and applications for monitoring and controlling fluid or gas pressure. They provide crucial information to ensure the safe and efficient operation of equipment and systems. Pressure gauges are utilised in industrial processes, such as manufacturing, oil and gas, HVAC systems, automotive, pharmaceuticals, and more. They help measure and maintain optimal pressure levels, detect leaks or abnormalities, and ensure compliance with safety standards. Pressure gauges find application in pressure vessels, pipelines, hydraulic systems, pneumatic systems, and various mechanical equipment. Their accurate and reliable measurements make pressure gauges indispensable for maintaining process control, equipment integrity, and overall system performance.

  • How Much Do Pressure Gauges Cost?

    At PCI, we offer a wide selection of pressure gauges designed to accommodate various budgets. Our product range includes pressure gauges at different price points, ensuring affordability for every customer. For those seeking cost-effective options, PCI provides pressure gauges starting from under $50. These entry-level models offer reliable performance without compromising quality. Additionally, for customers who require advanced features or higher precision, we offer high-end pressure gauge models priced under $500. This comprehensive pricing range allows customers to find a pressure gauge that suits their specific requirements and budget.