Limit Switch Boxes

Valve Limit Switch Boxes are designed to give end of stroke feedback (eg. open/close) to pneumatic actuators. These come in different materials and environment ratings such as IECex hazardous environments. There are also different bracket sizes required to fit limit switch boxes to existing actuators without fabricating custom brackets. These valve limit switch boxes are available in Geelong with same day despatch into Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

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  • What is a limit switch box?

    A limit switch box, also known as a limit switch enclosure, is a type of protective housing used to house and protect limit switches. Limit switches are electrical or mechanical devices commonly used in industrial applications to detect the presence or absence of an object or to monitor the position of a moving part.

    The limit switch box provides a secure and weatherproof enclosure for the limit switch, protecting it from environmental factors like dust, moisture, and debris. This ensures the reliable and safe operation of the limit switch in harsh or demanding conditions, common in industries such as manufacturing, process control, and automation.

    Limit switch boxes are often designed with various mounting options to facilitate easy installation and maintenance. They may also include features like visual indicators or electrical connections to integrate with control systems and provide feedback on the switch's status.

  • How does a limit switch box work?

    A limit switch box is a protective enclosure that houses a limit switch, which is an electrical or mechanical device used to detect the presence or absence of an object or monitor position in industrial settings.

    The limit switch is mounted on an actuator that triggers when it comes into contact with a target or reaches a predetermined position.

    When the actuator is triggered, the limit switch sends an electrical signal to the control system or equipment, enabling various processes or operations in automation, manufacturing, and process control. The limit switch box is vital in safeguarding the limit switch and facilitating precision sensing and object detection in industrial applications.

  • What do you use limit switch boxes for?

    Limit switch boxes are used to protect and house limit switches, which are crucial components in industrial applications. The primary purpose of limit switch boxes is to shield the limit switches from environmental factors like dust, moisture, and mechanical damage, ensuring their reliable and accurate operation.

    Limit switches are employed to detect the presence or absence of objects, monitor the position of moving parts, or control specific processes in machinery and automation systems. The limit switch box enhances the longevity of the limit switch, making it suitable for demanding industrial environments where precise position sensing or object detection is required..

    These boxes often come with various mounting options for easy installation and maintenance, and they play a vital role in improving the overall safety, efficiency, and functionality of industrial processes and machinery.

  • How much do limit switch box cost?

    Plant and Control Instrumentation Pro has Limit Switch Boxes starting at a low $148.50.