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PCI has a full range of threaded stainless steel fittings based in Geelong. These range from 1/8" to 4" BSP (also available in NPT in some variants) in sizes and are all in 316 Stainless Steel. These fittings are mainly used in Industrial applications but are also widely used in other segments. All stainless steel fittings are qualified to registered thread gauges and batch tested to ensure a quality fitting every time. These can be delivered into Melbourne and surrounding suburbs in the same day.

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  • What sizes are available in the threaded stainless steel fittings range?

    Our threaded stainless steel fittings range includes various sizes, such as 1/8" to 4" BSP, 1/8" to 2", and BSP 1/4" to 2", catering to a wide spectrum of applications.

  • How do threaded stainless steel fittings cater to industrial applications?

    Threaded stainless steel fittings cater to industrial applications by providing a robust and corrosion-resistant solution for connecting and configuring fluid systems. Their durability and resistance to rust, chemicals, and extreme conditions make them ideal for harsh industrial environments. These stainless steel fittings offer secure, leak-free connections, ensuring the integrity of fluid transport in pipelines, machinery, and equipment. Their versatility allows for easy adaptability, accommodating diverse pipe sizes and shapes. Additionally, the threaded design simplifies installation and maintenance, saving time and reducing the risk of leakage. These qualities make threaded stainless steel fittings a reliable choice for a variety of industrial processes and systems.

  • What quality assurance measures are in place for these stainless steel fittings?

    All threaded stainless steel fittings from PCIPro are guaranteed to be free from material and workmanship defects for one year from the purchase date, in accordance with our warranty. Detailed information regarding the warranty terms and conditions can be found on our product warranty page, providing customers with comprehensive coverage and assurance of the fittings' quality and reliability.

  • Are these fittings also available in NPT along with BSP?

    No, we typically offer these fittings in BSP (British Standard Pipe) threads. NPT (National Pipe Thread) is the primary standard in the United States and Canada, whereas PCIPro, being an Australian company, primarily provides fittings with BSP threads, aligning with regional standards.

  • What are the delivery options for ordering stainless steel fittings in Melbourne and surrounding areas?

    For ordering stainless steel fittings in Melbourne and surrounding areas, we offer fast delivery, with the guarantee of same-day delivery within Geelong. While same-day delivery may not always apply to Melbourne, we ensure prompt shipping to meet your needs across the broader Victorian region.