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  • Are PCI’s Strainers Available in Brass and Stainless Steel?

    Yes, PCI offers strainers in both brass and stainless steel, including brass Y strainers and stainless steel Y strainers. These materials provide durability and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for various industrial applications.

  • Does PCI Offer Both Threaded and Flanged Strainers?

    PCI provides a range of strainers, including both threaded and flanged options. This variety ensures compatibility with different piping systems, including flange basket strainers for larger pipelines. With all the threaded and flanged strainers we sell, check the warranty details.

  • What Industries are PCI’s Strainers Suited For?

    PCI’s strainers are versatile and suitable for multiple industries, including water treatment, chemical processing, and manufacturing. Their robust design, available in materials like brass, stainless steel, and PVC, makes them ideal for diverse industrial environments.

  • Is There a Variety of Sizes Available for PCI’s Strainers?

    PCI offers strainers, including Y strainers and basket strainers, in a variety of sizes to meet the specific needs of different piping systems and industrial applications.

  • Can I Expect Same Day Despatch for Strainers in the Melbourne and Surrounding Areas?

    PCI provides efficient dispatch services, including same-day despatch for strainers in Melbourne and nearby areas, ensuring quick delivery and support for industrial operations.