Bulk Terminals

Bulk Terminals

Bulk Terminals

Process Control for Bulk Terminals

PCI covers a wide range of products that are used in bulk terminals and grain handling facilities. These range from process valves such as ball, gate, globe & check valves to pressure gauges and steam systems. The type of valve or instrumentation used depends upon what application it is performing in the terminal. Where the media is a grain the valve will usually have a metal to metal seat such as a knife gate valve or where it is used on a water feed it can be a number of different valves such as an actuated ball valves. Most terminals usually have a steam system either for sterilizing the grain or using it as a medium for operation. Here steam valves are used such as pressure reducing valves, steam traps and bellow sealed globe valves.


Pressure Gauges

PCI has a large range of Pressure Gauges that are used widely within terminal operations. These include different sizes and pressure ranges as well as configurations such as safety pattern pressure gauges, pigtail syphons and diaphragm seals to protect the pressure gauge from the media.


Steam is widely used in bulk terminal processing both to sterilize the grain and as a drive media for the plant. PCI has a wide range of steam traps (bucket, free float, float & thermodynamic), pressure reducing valves, separators and supporting valves designed specifically for steam.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves are very commonly used in bulk terminal applications. They are mainly used for isolation valves in process lines but are also occasionally used in a V port configuration in conjunction with a modulating actuator for flow control. PCI has a wide range of ball valves ideally suited to these applications in both flanged and threaded variants. These can be in a manual configuration (lockable lever or gear box) or with an actuator (pneumatic or electric).

Butterfly Valves

Butterfly valves are very commonly used in terminal operations as larger isolation valves. These can be on water or other compatible media and either in a manual (lever or gear box) or actuated (pneumatic or electric) configuration. PCI has a range of butterfly valves in both Ductile Iron and Stainless Steel in both wafer and lugged variants.

Gate Valves

PCI has a range of watermark approved ductile iron Gate Valves. These are resilient seated so mainly used for water isolation. It also has metal seated outside stem and yoke Gate Valves in both Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel. These are used for higher temperature applications where a soft seat is not compatible.

Globe Valves

PCI has a range of Globe Valves that are used in bulk terminal operations. These include both threaded and flanged versions in sizes up to 300mm. These Globe Valves are commonly used where a degree of throttling or soft start up is required as opposed to a pure isolation requirement.

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