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PCI has a large range of both plastic push fit fittings and stainless steel push fit fittings. These are ideal for air line applications (and other inert media) where the tube can be pressed into the fitting, where it seals, and then can be released easily by pulling the collet back to remove the tube. You will commonly see these utilised in control panels or where air line is run to pilot valves. These push fit fittings are based in Geelong and can achieve same day delivery into Melbourne and surround suburbs.

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  • How do push fit fittings work?

    Push fit fittings, commonly used in plumbing and heating systems, work through a simple mechanism. They consist of a body with an o-ring and a gripper ring inside. When a pipe is inserted, the gripper ring tightens around it, making a secure seal. No additional tools or adhesives are required, making installation easy and quick. This design allows for a reliable connection so pipes can withstand pressure and provide a leak-free joint, making push fit fittings popular for their convenience and efficiency in various applications.

  • Are push fit fittings reliable?

    Yes, push fit fittings are generally reliable when used appropriately. They provide a convenient and effective way to join pipes without the need for soldering or glue, reducing installation time. Properly installed push fit fittings create a strong, leak-free connection. However, your pipes must be cut cleanly and inserted fully to avoid leaks. Regular inspections and following manufacturer guidelines are essential for their reliability. For further reassurance on reliability, or if something should go wrong, please read our product warranty information.

  • What types of push fit fittings are offered at PCI Pro?

    PCI Pro has push fit fittings in both plastic and stainless steel. Stainless steel push fit fittings are perfect in environments where the plastic ones may corrode or not be able to sustain the pressure. Most commonly used in water treatment and wastewater applications. Plastic push fit fittings are commonly used in airlines. Both are easy to insert and remove, without the need for heavy tools.

  • How do push fit fittings work in sealing tubes and allow easy release when needed?

    Push fit fittings utilise a straightforward mechanism for sealing tubes. The fitting comprises a housing with an o-ring and internal gripping teeth. When a tube is inserted, the o-ring provides a watertight seal, while the teeth grip the tube tightly, ensuring a secure connection. The design allows for easy release by pressing a release collar, which disengages the teeth, enabling quick disconnection without damaging the tube. This convenience, along with the leak-proof seal, makes push fit fittings popular in plumbing.

  • How can I ensure same-day delivery of push fit fittings in Melbourne and surrounding suburbs when ordering from Geelong?

    You can either come into our warehouse and pick your order up yourself, at 7 Holmes Street, North Geelong. Or, if you order early enough, we can despatch your order and have it delivered to you the same day.