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PCI supplies a large range of valves & instrumentation to the meat processing industry. As most product is exposed to caustic washdown our main product lines supplied are usually a grade of stainless steel unless it is in a control cabinet or other protected area. Common products supplied include Stainless Steel Push Fit Fittings, Stainless Threaded Fittings, Stainless Pressure Gauges & Diaphragm Seals, Gaskets, Steam Equipment, Stainless Ball & Butterfly Valves, Globe & Check Valves and Solenoid Valves.


Stainless Steel Push Fit Fittings

Stainless Steel Push Fit Fittings are very widely used within meat processing plants. PCI has a full range of 316 Stainless Steel push fits that cover metric tube sizes from 4mm to 12mm. They feature a FKM oring allowing for a wider range of media and contaminants within the air usually found within the meat processing areas.

Stainless Threaded Fittings

Most threaded fittings used within the meat processing industry are stainless steel so they can withstand a caustic washdown. PCI has a full range of BSP & NPT threaded fittings to suit this application.

Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges are very widely used within an abattoir and PCI has a large range for all options. The most common types are a Stainless Steel bottom & rear entry which are available in 40mm, 63mm 100mm & 150mm dial size. Safety Pattern gauges are also used on the higher pressure processing lines which feature a solid front baffle and full blow out back. Other products such as pigtail syphons and diaphragm seals to protect the pressure gauges are also available.


PCI supplies a range of gaskets to Abattoirs. Most commonly these are either tanged graphite for high temperature applications or expanded PTFE due to its wide range of media compatibility. Both gaskets can be cut to our maximum bed size which is 4m x 2m or sheet size (whichever is smaller). These are available with quick turnaround so can be used in breakdown situations.


Steam is very widely used in abattoirs and PCI has a wide range of steam valves to suit. These include Steam Traps (free float, float, bucket & thermo dynamic), Pressure Reducing Valves, Steam Seperators, Globe Valves, Isolating Valves and much more.

Stainless Steel Ball Valves

PCI supplies a large range of actuated & manual stainless steel ball valves to the meat processing industry. These are available in both threaded and flanged versions in a wide variety of sizes and standards. These are quite often used in CIP (clean in place) systems, washdown stations and other process lines. With double acting pneumatic, spring return pneumatic, electric and manual (lever & gear box) options available you can be sure PCI will have the right option. Extras such as limit switch boxes and positioners are all available in direct mount options.

Butterfly Valves

PCI supplies a range of Butterfly Valves to the meat industry. These range from butterfly valves for water feed to butterfly valves in pits for gas reclamation. Most butterfly valves supplied are FBE coated Ductile Iron as they are not usually used in places with a direct caustic washdown. However we do also supply stainless steel bodied butterfly valves that can operate in these environments. All butterfly valves have direct mount actuation options such as pneumatic, electric or manual (lever or gearbox). They are equally common in wafer or lugged configuration.

Gate Valves

PCI supplies mainly watermarked non rising stem resilient seated gate valves to the meat processing industry. These are used for water isolation such as water feed in and dust suppression lines. Other gate valves such as stainless steel and cast steel outside stem and yoke gate valves are used usually on higher temperature lines or areas where a metal to metal seat are needed.

Globe Valves

PCI supplies a range of globe valves to the meat processing industry. These are mainly used in throttling applications where the globe valves give you a degree of control over the flow. These are available in Bronze, Stainless Steel, Cast Steel and Ductile Iron in flanged and threaded options. They are most often used on steam processing lines within the abattoir.

Solenoid Valves

Solenoid valves are used widely within the meat processing industry and vary according to the application. PCI has a wide range in both differential and zero differential to suit with the most common supplied being stainless steel differential solenoid valve. These are used as isolation valves mainly on hot water. These valves can handle pressure up to 16 Bar and are watermark approved so are ideal for mains water processing.

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