Orifice Plates

PCI supplies a large range of custom orifice plates with each being made to order for the particular application. We do have standard set drawings that are commonly used however each application is different so enquire with us to double check.

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  • How do orifice plates work?

    Orifice plates are devices used in fluid flow systems to give constant flow, usually when the pressure is regular. They are commonly used in industrial applications, including natural gas, water treatment plants, petrochemicals and refineries. They consist of a thin, flat plate with a hole (or an orifice) in the centre. When fluid passes through the orifice plate’s hole, its velocity increases, causing a drop in pressure. Understanding how orifice plates work is essential for effective flow control in settings where they are used.  

  • What are the standard sizes available for stainless steel orifice plates from PCI?

    Stainless steel orifice plates come in various standard sizes to accommodate diverse industrial applications, including natural gas and water treatment plants. Standard sizes range from ½ an inch to 36 inches, with smaller diameters suitable for low-flow applications and larger diameters suitable for high-flow applications. Our plates adhere to ISO (International Organisation for Standardisation), ensuring compatibility with a wide range of fluid flow systems. PCI provides a variety of standard sizes for stainless steel orifice plates. The specific size selection depends on factors such as pipe diameter and flow rates. We recommend you check the warranty details with all the stainless steel orifice plates we sell.

  • How to size an orifice plate

    Sizing an orifice plate correctly is crucial for accurate flow measurement. It involves selecting the appropriate plate diameter and bore size and factors such as the fluid’s characteristics, desired flow rate, and pipe dimensions. Engineers will use established equations to determine the required orifice plate based on the anticipated flow conditions. This process ensures the orifice plate, whether for stormwater or other applications, is optimally designed for the specific system. 

  • How to install an orifice plate

    Proper installation of an orifice plate is critical to its performance. Isolate the section of pipe where the orifice plate will be placed, and establish proper alignment and orientation by aligning the orifice with the flow direction. Make sure of a leak-tight seal by securely mounting the orifice plate using flanges and gaskets. This ensures accurate flow measurement, especially in applications like flow rate measurement or flow restriction. Regular maintenance and inspections are essential for sustained accuracy in orifice plate performance. 

  • Can I expect same day despatch for orifice plates in Melbourne and surrounding areas?

    PCI manufactures a large range of custom-machined orifice plates for a wide range of industries. As our orifice plates are all custom-made it isn’t possible for same-day despatch. We ensure prompt service where possible for urgent requirements in industrial applications. We also offer fast shipping for orders Australia-wide to help reduce stoppages, with same-day despatch available where possible.