Graphite Gland Packing

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Expanded graphite packing gland twist braided into a square packing gland. This packing gland has a huge range of industrial and media applications. Mainly used as packing glands in pumps and valves. Comes in 1m and 8m lengths.

  • Chemically resistant
  • Self Lubricating
  • Excellant temperature capability
  • Great thermal conductivity


Valve Piston Rotary
Temperature (°C) -240 to 400
Pressure (Bar) 150 50 30
Shaft Speed (m/s)     12
pH Range 0~14

Model X Y
GRAPAC04 4mm 4mm
GRAPAC05 5mm 5mm
GRAPAC06 6mm 6mm
GRAPAC08 8mm 8mm
GRAPAC10 10mm 10mm
GRAPAC12 12mm 12mm
GRAPAC14 14mm 14mm
GRAPAC16 16mm 16mm
GRAPAC19 19mm 19mm
GRAPAC22 22mm 22mm

* Packing Glands have a tolerance of 0.5mm when measured due to compressibility 

Item Unit Test Value Remarks
Density g/cm³ 1.0~1.3  
Compressibility % 25~50  
Recovery % ≥12  
C-Content % ≥85  
Ignition Loss % ≤15 450℃ for 1 hour
Sulphur Content ppm ≤1200  

Size 4mm ~ 22mm
Length 1m or 8m
Function Valve / Piston / Rotary
Pressure Range Up to 150 Bar
Temperature 400°C
pH 0 ~ 14

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