PTFE Gland Packing

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Expanded PTFE fiber made into a square braided packing gland. This is a very wide ranging packing gland and is applicable over many industries and media types. Its main use is for replacing gland packing in pumps and valves. This comes in 1m or 8m lengths.

  • Chemically resistant
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • Ageing resistant


Valve Piston Rotary
Temperature (°C) -210 to 260
Pressure (Bar) 150 140 50
Shaft Speed (m/s)     8
pH Range 0~14

Model X Y
PTFEPAC04 4mm 4mm
PTFEPAC05 5mm 5mm
PTFEPAC06 6mm 6mm
PTFEPAC08 8mm 8mm
PTFEPAC10 10mm 10mm
PTFEPAC12 12mm 12mm
PTFEPAC14 14mm 14mm
PTFEPAC16 16mm 16mm
PTFEPAC19 19mm 19mm
PTFEPAC20 20mm 20mm
PTFEPAC22 22mm 22mm

*Packing Glands have a tolerance of 0.5mm when measured due to compresibility 

Size 4mm ~ 22mm
Length 1m or 8m
Function Valve / Piston / Rotary
Pressure Range Up to 150 Bar
Temperature 260°C
pH 0 ~ 14