Linear Electro Pneumatic Positioner

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This is a linear electro pneumatic position as opposed to rotary so it can be used on anything with a linear stroke such as pneumatic cylinders. This will suit both spring return and double acting cylinders. The cylinders must have a volume of greater than 180cm3. These are standard with 4 to 20mA input and output.

Input Signal 4 to 20mA
Output SIgnal 4 to 20mA
Impedance 250+/- 15Ω
Supply Pressure 1.4~7kgf/cm2 (20~200 psi) (Clean Dry Air Recommended)
Air Connectiong G 1/4"
Gauge Connection G 1/8"
Conduit G 1/2"
Weather Protection IP66
Ambient Temperature -20°C to 70°C
Linearity ± 1.5%
Hysteresis 1.50%
Sensitivity 0.40%
Air Consumption 3LPM (Sup=1.4kgf/cm2, 20psi)
Flow Capacity 8LPM(Sup=1.4kgf/cm2, 20psi)
Material Aluminium Die Cast
Weight 2.7kg

Electro Pneumatic Linear Positioner Wiring 

Double Acting Electro Pneumatic Linear Positioner

Input Signal 4 to 20mA
Output Signal 4 to 20mA
Body Aluminium
IP Rating IP66