Stainless Steel Drive Dog

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These drive dogs allow for interfacing between common valve and actuator sizes where a stand off bracket would be used. This can either be when the mounting does not fit the actuator so a bracket is used or where a stand off bracket is used to reduce thermal transfer.

Model Male Drive Female Drive Height Suits Bracket
DD1 14mm 9mm 38mm BKT1
DD2 22mm 17mm 64mm BKT3
DD3 36mm 22mm 100mm BKT4
DD4 36mm 27mm 140mm BKT5
DD5 46mm 36mm 135mm BKT5

For mounting brackets to suit these drive dogs please click here

Model A B C ØD E F
DD1 14 9 38 24 16 15
DD2 22 17 64 32 20 20
DD3 36 22 100 50 40 38
DD4 36 27 140 50 40 55
DD5 46 36 135 68 48 60

Drive Size 9mm to 46mm 
Height 38mm to 140mm 
Body Stainless Steel
Function Drive dog for Bracket Mountings

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