Fibreglass Woven Web Tape

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This Fiberglass Woven Web Tape is ideally suited for the steam and boiler industry. It is available in varying widths.

  • Temperatures of up to 550°C
  • 30m Lengths
Chemical Composition
SiO2 58,00%
A12O3 12,00%
CaO 17,00%
B2O3 8,00%
MgO 4,50%
Fe2O3 0,5%

Thermal Conductivity
150°C 0,05K col/m H°C
250°C 0,06K col/m H°C
350°C 0,08K col/m H°C

Physical Mechanical Characterisitics
Density 1,00 kg/dm3 (+/-10%)
Traction Strength 345,00 kg/dm3
Elongation 4,80%
Softening Temperature 740°C
Melting Temperature 1010°C

Width 25mm to 100mm
Thickness 3mm
Construction Woven Fiberglass Web Tape
Temperature 550°C
Length 30m