Brass Exhaust Regulator/Silencer

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This brass exhaust silencer serves two functions. It can be adjusted to restrict the flow of exhaust air and it also silences the exhaust air through its sintered element. To add to this it helps protect the actuator or valve by filtering any air that may be sucked in from the surrounding atmosphere. By restricting the exhaust air it allows you to control the operating speed of the actuator.

Brass Silencer Speed Controller

Item R (BSP) B (mm) H (mm) A (mm)
BES-01 G1/8 22.2 12 6
BES-02 G1/4 27.5 14 7.5
BES-03 G3/8 30.1 17 9
BES-04 G1/2 34.2 21 10.5
BES-05 G3/4 34.9 27 10.5
BES-06 G1 36.8 34 13

Size 1/8" to 1" BSP
Function Exhaust Speed Controller
Body Brass

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