Instruments for Level measurement and control. From basic Tank Contents Gauges and simple level switch’s. through to ultrasonic level transmitters and radar level transmitters.

Burkert Ultrasonic and radar level transmitters, Burkert Pressure Transmitters, Burkert level switch’s

Krohne Optiflex TDR guided radar, Optiwave non contact radar & Optisound Ultrasonic Transmitters. BM26 Magnetic level gauges.

Pepperl & Fuchs Ultrasonic sensors and transmitters. Multitrode conductivity level probes

Trafag, Submersible pressure transmitters for hydrostatic head measurement.

Contrec 220 Level monitor and display

Horizontal magnetic level switches. Dwyer level gauges and level switches

We can also supply other brands and types of level Instruments to meet your requirements.