3 Way 2 position Plunger Spring Return Valve

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These 3 way 2 position plunger valves are operated by pressing the plunger down and once this is removed it will spring back to its previous position. Quite often the plunger is pressed by an item in a process line such as an air ram.

3 way 2 position plunger valve

Specification PLU32-01 PLU32-02
Port Size (BSPP) 1/8” 1/4"
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Max Inlet Pressure 10 BAR
Medium Temperature -5 to 60°C
Construction Die Cast Aluminium
Lubrication Not Required
Applicable Medium Air

3 way 2 position plunger valve

Size 1/8" to 1/4" BSP
Function 3 way 2 position plunger spring
Body Aluminium
Pressure Range 0 to 10 BAR
Media Air

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