9mm Solenoid Coil

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Solenoid Coil and DIN Plug to suit 9mm operator. It can suit any brand solenoid valve (it fits most 5/2 and 5/3 control valves) as long as it complies to the specs of this coil, our models that suit are listed below. Class F insulation which results in a maximum operating temperature of 155°C and max ambient temperature of 50°C.

Valve Series Description
B25 Brass 2/2 Normally Closed
B26 Brass 2/2 Normally Open
B27 Brass 3/2 Normally Closed
B28 Brass 3/2 Normally Open
S25 Stainless 2/2 Normally Closed
S26 Stainless 2/2 Normally Open
P45 Nylon 2/2 Normally Closed
Valve Series Description
A69 5 way 2 position solenoid spring
A610 5 way 2 position double solenoid
A611 5 way 3 position double solenoid
ENS 5 way 2 position NAMUR solenoid spring
END 5 way 2 position NAMUR double solenoid

9mm Solenoid Valve Coil

Dimension Measurement (mm)
S 9.0
H 29.4
W 22.0
D 28.4

Operator Size 9mm
Watts 5
Volt Amps 6
Voltage All
Insulation Class F

Rating IP65