Digital Sandwich Timer

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Flame retardant plastic programmable microchip control Digital Timer with LED display. Programmable 1 sec to 9 min 59 sec on and 1 sec to 99 hrs 59 min 59 sec off. Has 2 Loop Modes available. Sandwich between DIN plug & coil, ISO square plug IP65. 

Modes (If indicator light is on, it is in on state, otherwise it is in an off state)

  • First on, then off or first off, then on.
  • Single mode (one way: specified time on).

Operating Mode Display

(1) The display showing “- - - - - -” is stop setting mode
(2) The display showing "00000X" is switch-ON time setting
      mode (X represents the number displayed)
(3) The display showing "00000X" is switch OFF time setting
      mode (where X represents the number   displayed)
(4) The display showing “ON――OFF”, is first ON then OFF in 
      loop mode.
(5) The display showing “OFF――ON”, is first OFF then ON in
      loop mode.
(6) The display showing “- ON - “, when first energized turns  
      ON then after specified time (1sec to 9min 59Sec) turns
      OFF indefinitely (single mode).

Mode and Time Settings Instructions

Factory setting is "ON - OFF" loop mode.  ON time is 2 and OFF time is 2 seconds.

To modify the function mode and time,
1.    Press MODE button until required mode is displayed (“ON – OFF”, “OFF – ON” OR “–ON—“),
2.    Press ENTER button to set the function and enter the ON time setting mode.  
3.    Press ENTER to move to the required unit of time.  
4.    When flashing, press ADD to change.  
5.    Press ENTER to confirm and move to next unit until the required ON time is set. 
6.    Press ENTER to move to the start of the unit display which will automatically bring you to the OFF time setting mode.  
7.    Press ENTER to move to and set the required OFF time. 
8.    Press ENTER again till you see the mode display flash four times which will save and start the new function.
If the ENTER key has not been pressed during setting of the mode and/or time, the setting will revert to the last saved settings.

Reset function: when pressing the RESET button when it is operating, the system will stop the current work and restart the cycle according to the parameters which has been set.
Tip: According to the difference of the input voltage, the timer can be divided into two types: high voltage and low voltage please choose the timer according to application.

Digital Timer for Solenoid Valve

Function Digital Sandwich Timer
Operation 1 sec to 10 min on/1 sec to 99 hrs off
Max Current 3 Amp
Voltage 10v to 240v AC/DC
Functions 2