Expanded PTFE Inner Ring Gasket

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This Inner Ring Gasket (also known as inner bolt circle) is ideal for raised face flanges or anywhere a full face gasket is not desired. It is made from 100% multi directionally expanded PTFE allowing it to cover a wide variety of temperature, media and pressure. It ppossesses all the benefits of conventional PTFE without the creep and cold flow that is commonly associated with this material.

Key features
* Chemically inert
* Dimensionally stable
* High tensile strength
* Resistant to creep & cold flow

Key benefits
* Versatile: use with all types of flanges & fluids
* Seals irregular flanges
* Retains stress, minimum re-torquing required
* Sealing reliability
* Long shelf life
* Easy to cut
* Light Clamping Force

Item Value
Density 0.75~0.95g/cm³
Temperature -240~270°C
Pressure 200 Bar
Compressibility 45%
Recovery 15%
Leakage Rate 0.1~0.00002(cm³/s)
Ph Range 0~14

Thickness 1.5mm & 3.0mm
Temperature Limit 270°C
Max Pressure 200 Bar
Application  Industrial Services, Steam, High Temperature, Petrochemical, General Purpose