Hose Quick Coupler

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This is a nitto compatible male hose adaptor quick coupler female adaptor. At one end it has a male hose barb and at the other it has a female quick connect coupler. Great for use on airlines where you want to adapt from the air line to a quick connect. Made from plated steel.

Hose Quick Coupler Fitting

Item B A øT d H øD
SHC-08 58 26.7 8.3 5 19 22
SHC-10 60 25.5 10.4 7 19 23
SHC-12 60 26.4 12 7.8 20 23

All diemnsiosn in mm unless shown otherwise. 

Size 8mm to 12mm Hose
Function Hose Quick Connector
Body Plated Steel
Pressure 8 Bar
Temperature 0°C to 50°C