Spring Return Electric Actuator IECEX

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These fail safe (spring return) quarter turn (90 degree turn) electric actuators come with a hazardous area certification. This makes them ideal for applications where a fail safe electric actuator is required that also operates in a hazardous area environment. All come standard with a visual indicator, built in thermal protection and IP68 weather protection.

Model Torque (Nm) Nominal Power (Watt) Running Time (sec) Spring Return Time (sec) Mounting (ISO 5211) Shaft (mm) Depth of Shaft (mm)
SE-500 50 50 7 3 F07 17 30
SE-1300 130 130 7 8 F10 22 41
SE-2000 200 130 11 12 F12 27 45
SE-2600 260 130 14 12 F12 27 45

Spring Return Explosion Proof Electric Actuator Construction

Spring Return Explosion Proof Actuator Exploded View

Torque 50 to 250 NM
Function Drive Open, Spring Return (Fail Safe)
Body Powder Coated Die Cast Aluminium
Voltage 12vDC, 24vDC, 24v AC, 110vAC, 240vAC
Rating IP68