Stainless Steel Pressure Switch

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Adjustable pressure switch which are single pole double throw meaning they can be wired normally closed or normally open. Electrical connection is by an IP65 DIN plug (PG9) and port connection is a 1/4" BSP parrallel thread with an oring gasket. Typical uses include: pneumatic, hydraulic, lubrication and general industry.

Model Adjustment Range (BAR) Max Over Pressure (bar) Body Material Piston Seal Material Snubber Repeatability (BAR) Weight (grams)
PSP150R14S 30-150 600 Stainless Steel NBR Yes ±5 100
PSP300R14S 50-300 600 Stainless Steel NBR Yes ±15 100

Plated Steel Pressure Switch Wiring Diagrame 

Plated Steel Pressure Switch Dimensions

Switching Range 30 to 300 BAR
Body Stainless Steel
Function Single Pole Double Throw (SPDT)
Voltage Multi Voltage (0 to 240v AC/DC)
Current 6 amp resistive and 2 amp inductive
Factory Accredited CE, ISO 9001, TUV