Stainless Steel Triclover Diaphragm Seal

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316 Stainless Steel Triclover Gauge Diaphragm Seals are used where easy installation and removal of the diaphragm seal is required. The Triclover design allows for the assembly to be quickly removed from the line to allow for works such as cleaning to be performed. This diaphragm seal is suitable for use with Pressure Gauges and Pressure Sensors. 316 Stainless Steel body and components with a 1/2" BSPP Process Connection. Clamp connection to ISO 2852.

All diaphragm seals can be filled and mounted to gauges using a selection of filling medias available. Contact Sales for further information on filling media and assembly to pressure gauge.

Size Rating C2 dD OD H E
1-1/2" PN40 G1/2" 35 64 38 40.6
2" PN40 44 51.6
2-1/2" PN25 57 77.5 64.1
3" PN25 72 91 76.7
4" PN25 81 119 102.5

All dimensions are in mm unless stated otherwise

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